Episode 151 – Jason C. Brown on the SNL Album


Jason C. Brown is the director of an upcoming short film called Imaginary Friends, which is currently funding on Indiegogo, hence our unusual posting of a COV bonus episode this week.  I may be biased (see me in the promo video below), but I think you should go send some money their way so that this movie gets made!  Jason sat down with me to discuss one of his greatest influences – SNL.  We delve even deeper into the album than we did the last time we covered it, and end up way too perplexed about the straight-up Coke ad at the beginning.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guests: David Melville

Imaginary Friends on Indiegogo
Buy the SNL album

Watch the Imaginary Friends promo:

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Episode 150 – David Melville on George Formby


The Independent Shakespeare Company’s own David Melville returns, to again open up our comedy minds to the works of George Formby.  Still a respected name in English comedy, his work never quite traversed the ocean sufficiently, so it’s time for some mind expansion.  Formby’s double-entendre-laden ukulele tunes are played with an unusual skill on an instrument mistakenly seen as simple, especially given its current ubiquity.  Enjoy some fun tunes and, if you’re in LA, go see the Independent Shakespeare Company at Griffith Park this summer.

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Episode 149 – Craig Rowin on Weird Al – Off The Deep End

Craig Rowin SDCraig Rowin of Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell drops by (and so do I, this was “on location” in Hollywood) to talk about Weird Al’s perfectly-timed “Off The Deep End.”  Now, before you write me an e-mail about this being a CD-era album, I’d advise you to go to the Netherlands.  Where they released this album on vinyl, apparently.  Craig squeaked it, but I’m glad he did.  This has one of my all-time top Weird Al songs, and we had a blast talking about (individually) meeting Weird Al, as well as, in his case, working with him.
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Episode 148 – Rob Newhart




It’s not often you get to talk to someone about playing their own father in a movie.  In 1992, that’s exactly what Rob did, for a cameo in “Heart and Souls.”  We discuss how that came about this week, as big fans of his dad, but we also discuss his own introduction to comedy by the likes of Richard Pryor and George Carlin, the former passed down from his father.  The album we’re holding isn’t discussed in this episode, but we are holding it for a reason – it has the first recorded mention of Rob’s name, in track one of side 2, in which Bob talks about becoming a father. Continue reading

Episode 147 – Live Tribute to Robin Williams – with Rick Overton, Jamie Costa and Josia Elliott


On Sunday, August 2nd at IOWest, we helped kick off The 13th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival with a tribute to Robin Williams, with Robin’s close friend, Rick Overton, and special guests Josia Elliott and Jamie Costa.  Josia’s a big Robin fan, and if you haven’t seen Jamie’s moving tributes to Robin in the form of impressions, you should go here: youtu.be/Shg53iv4B9o

We had a wonderful time talking about Robin, his work, and getting a little sidetracked about impressions.  But it wouldn’t be a tribute to that great mind if we weren’t a little all over the place

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