Episode 156 – Live at iOWest – Another Monty Python Record


Live from iOWest!  I’m joined this week by James Urbaniak, Jeremy Guskin, Andy Merrill and Taylor Jessen to talk about “Another Monty Python Record!”

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Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
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Episode 147 – Live Tribute to Robin Williams – with Rick Overton, Jamie Costa and Josia Elliott


On Sunday, August 2nd at IOWest, we helped kick off The 13th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival with a tribute to Robin Williams, with Robin’s close friend, Rick Overton, and special guests Josia Elliott and Jamie Costa.  Josia’s a big Robin fan, and if you haven’t seen Jamie’s moving tributes to Robin in the form of impressions, you should go here: youtu.be/Shg53iv4B9o

We had a wonderful time talking about Robin, his work, and getting a little sidetracked about impressions.  But it wouldn’t be a tribute to that great mind if we weren’t a little all over the place

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Comedy on Vinyl Live! A Tribute to Robin Williams – August 2nd, 2 PM, at IO West

Part of the The 13th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival at IO West, and featuring the hilarious Rick Overton​, our second-ever live tribute show will celebrate the life and work of Robin Williams.

The live podcast is free to all Festival participants and $10 to non-participants. The Chris Farley House (the Festival’s beneficiary) will receive money from all the panels, workshops and shows.

Get your tickets here: http://ioimprov.com/west/festivals/annual-improv-comedy-festival/shows/

RSVP on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1650857651826249/