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Comedy on Vinyl is a podcast created by writer/actor Jason Klamm in which he discusses influential and important comedy albums with the week’s guests.  Jason created Comedy on Vinyl to help people discover comedy the way he did – one thing at a time.  In an all-digital world, we’re inundated with “content” from people who think they’re funny and people who want us to think those same people are funny. We take for granted being able to visit any given website to watch our favorite funny stuff.

Once upon a time, however, if you wanted some comedy all your own, you had to go to a record store, buy a record, open it, put it on the turntable and sit down with it, staring at the sleeve – usually with giant headphones on – and escape into laughter. Comedy on Vinyl’s goal is not to look so far into the past that we miss the amazing advantages technology has given us.  Rather, it’s about appreciating a long-forgotten pastime of setting aside time for comedy and appreciating it. Vinyl just forces you to do that.

Comedy on Vinyl is hosted by Jason Klamm and produced by Mike Worden.  The podcast is frequented by the likes of Jeremy Guskin, Mike Preister, Dan Gomiller and Ari Jarvis.

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You can contact the creators & producers directly at jason@comedyonvinyl.com and mike@comedyonvinyl.com

Thank you, and have a good thing.

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