Episode 67 – Ben Acker on Bruce McCulloch – Shame-Based Man

Ben Acker

Ben Acker is partially responsible for one of the best live shows in LA, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, as well as the podcast of the same name/partial content.  He was kind enough to sit down with me TWO MONTHS AGO to talk about Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall and his album “Shame-Based Man,” an art-house comedy piece by a mainstream, yet brilliant, comedy writer.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guest: Ben Acker

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Please watch Jason’s first feature-length film, “Looking Forward” in its entirety, FOR FREE, HERE.  Or go to JasonKlamm.com.  Thanks!

Oh, and if you want to see Jason and his new wife (pre-marriage) in Rachel Bloom’s “Jazz Fever,” click these words.

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