Episode 20 – Woody Allen – Standup Comic

Before he was Alvy Singer – before he was Woody Allen, even – he was still a writer named simply Woody Allen.  He was turning his behind-the-scenes skills from writing on “Your Show of Shows” and for the stage into a persona to accompany his work.  Though its been said that he hated doing stand-up, there’s no doubt that his point of view ended up so succinct and focused as a result of this character work that the film work that followed wouldn’t be nearly what we have today.

Even if you don’t like his later films (I suggest you just start from the top, chronologically, and stop when you get bored), you should listen to the classic bits archived on this two-disc set.  It chronicles an evolution from an inexperienced standup and brilliant writer, to a man who merged the form with the content brilliantly.

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Host: Jason Klamm

Producer: Mike Worden

This Week’s Guest: Jeremy Guskin 

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