Episode 24 – The Replacements – Let it Be – With Brian Stack

It’s another first for Comedy on Vinyl – a non-comedy album.  Long-considered an unappreciated classic, The Replacements’ “Let it Be,” a punk album equally well-written as it is irreverent was hugely influential on this week’s guest.

He’s given you some of your favorite Late Night characters: Kilty McBagpipes, The Interrupter, Frankenstein and The Ghost of Artie Kendall, just to name a few.  Brian Stack is here to tell us how The Replacements got him through some tough times and discuss how one band can break the rules and still be funny.

Brian also suggests you give this a listen.
And that you read this.

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Host: Jason Klamm

Producer: Mike Worden

This Week’s Guest: Brian Stack

Brian’s IMDB Page

Gravid Water 

Joel Murray and Friends

Brian with Conan Writers on Panel at The Paley Center

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