Episode 267 – Family Albums Episode 1 – Rand Huguely on Jay Huguely

This episode is the first in a mini-series we’re calling Family Albums, where we talk to the family and close friends of folks who made comedy albums, or album.  We want to discover the lives behind these often obscure albums, which themselves are usually just a small blip in creative and fascinating lives.

This week, we talk with Rand Huguely, whose father, Jay Huguely, took a failed ad campaign and made a number one record out of it.  We talk about Jay’s life, in and outside of entertainment, including his work on Magnum, P.I. and the role of a lifetime, Don Quixote (pictured above, to the right of Cledus Maggard)).

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
Guest: Rand Huguely

Jay Huguely on Discogs

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