Episode 160 – Josh Mills on Edie Adams – Music to Listen to Records By


The full, actual title of this gem is “Music to Listen to Records By – Edie Adams Sings?”  A woman after my own heart, with one of the great, absurd record titles of all time, and using punctuation in the title (my first sketch comedy group, which still exists, was originally called “Dan and Jay’s Komedy? Hour”) Edie uses her considerable musical talents to sound like an amateur in more than a few of these songs.  Her son, Josh Mills, returned to talk about this rarity, in which Edie does a ton of timely impressions for 1959, the most recognizable of which might now be Marilyn Monroe.  If you put this album on in the background, it might take you a full listen before you realized what you had.  Sure, it looks silly, but it doesn’t scream “comedy,” and it’s that subtlety that makes it so great.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guest: Josh Mills

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