Episode 102 – Hal Sparks

IMG_20140722_181314This might be the first time I’ve interviewed someone for whom I once thought to honor by parodying their website.  But that was back in 1998, and he’s matured since then.  I got to sit down with Hal Sparks this week and talk about his influences, not to mention his unflinchingly high standards for stand-up as an art form and the people who perform it.  It’s refreshing as hell, and it’s a good time.

Also, if you would, check out the show I’m producing here in LA!  ‘The Last Five Years’ stars our very own Mike Worden as the lead, alongside the wonderful Laura Zimmerman as Cathy.  The last shows are July 25-27th at the Chromolume Theatre here in LA.  Come see us!

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guest: Hal Sparks

Hal on Facebook
Go see Mike in “The Last Five Years” at the Chromolume Theatre in LA!

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For the curious – one of Hal’s old website pictures:

And one from the defunct “NotHalSparks.8m.com”:
Jay01 - Hal

I have zero idea what I was thinking.