Episode 95 – Taylor Jessen on The Credibility Gap – Floats

Taylor_JessenThis week, Jason does his usual stellar job of keeping the show on track.  No, seriously, it gets worse.  Why?  Because Taylor Jessen is not only Firesign’s archivist, but he restores comedy vinyl.  All those pops and hisses that can kill a joke or a pause?  Yeah, he can smooth those over and then tweak the cover so it looks like it did the day the original owner bought it in the store.  He does it all out of a desire to get it out there, so as you can imagine I was waiting with bated breath to have him on to nerd out, even if he far out nerds me.  We also talk about a great Credibility Gap album, “Floats,” and the clips I play in the show are from his restored version.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guest: Taylor Jessen

Taylor’s Insanely Amazing Archive (our name for it, not his)
Give “Floats” a listen/look via the archive
Buy “Floats” on Vinyl

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