Episode 13 – Cheech and Chong – Greatest Hit

CACGHThey’re back, and this time we cover the second album that made Jason and Dan become best friends while hanging out in a broken Ford Fiesta.  Yep, that’s Upstate New York for you.  This is, in fact, our first quadrilateral New York episode.

The appeal of this album is clear, even to comedy nerds who have never touched marijuana in their lives.  The characters are great, due in large part to Cheech’s voice characterizations, and the situations are not, in any way, difficult to understand.  Add the fact that Cheech & Chong were smart and considerate to add production values to something that could easily rely on mere mentions of illegal activity for its laughs, and you have one of the greatest comedy compilations out there.  It outshines the last album we covered, and – for Dan and I at least – rivals Monty Python Sings, which we will surely cover in the future.

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Host: Jason Klamm

Producer: Mike Worden

This Week’s Guests: Jeremy Guskin, Dan Gomiller

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Cheech & Chong Official Site: CheechandChong.com

Buy “Greatest Hit” on vinyl: goo.gl/UCjAG

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