Episode 12 – Monty Python – The Instant Record Collection

MPIRCIt’s taken much too long to get to Monty Python, given our collective love for the group, perhaps best demonstrated by how many Holy Grail references make their way into this podcast.  This is a great primer album, though it makes little sense to listen to this until after watching the series and, of course, Holy Grail and Life of Brian.

They were the gods of irreverence and detractors of the end portion of a sketch.  Inspired by The Goons, Ernie Kovacs and a host of other insane comedy-types, Monty Python was something new to their UK audience, but was something mind blowing for an originality-starved US audience that wouldn’t see their first episodes until a few years after they originally aired.  Nerds everywhere rejoiced and further found one more reason to believe they would always be alone.  Until they met that special someone who could also say “anarcho-syndicalist commune” without breaking a sweat.  Listen and enjoy.

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Host: Jason Klamm

Producer: Mike Worden

This Week’s Guest: Jeremy Guskin

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Monty Python Official Site: Pythonline.com

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