Upcoming ‘Sodes


(In case you missed it, Timothy Omundson is on our latest episode, talking about Flip Wilson!)

Yes, I now shorten the word episodes to ‘sodes.  And now I’ve stopped.

I don’t normally do media-light posts like this, but I wanted to thank our regular listeners and our new listeners for your support, and to let you know that I have a ton of episodes banked right now to roll out over the next couple of months.  I’d love to pull a Chris Hardwick and do several a week, but I’m gearing up for my wedding in June (Mike will be there, too), and I’d frankly rather not think about scratchy plastic circles during my honeymoon.

We have episodes coming up with DC Pierson, Patric Verrone (Futurama, The Critic, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, etc), amazing artist Sara Pocock, Ben Acker (Thrilling Adventure Hour) and Steve Franks (creator of Psych) to name just a few.  We cover albums new and old, but I’m making sure we stick to vinyl as often as we can.

If you have questions, suggestions or media queries, please drop me a line at jason@comedyonvinyl.com.

Thanks for reading, and have a good thing.

– Jason