Episode 8 – Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip (w/Mike Preister and Jeremy Guskin)

Episode 8 - Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip (w/Mike Preister and Jeremy Guskin)

It didn’t take long for Richard Pryor’s work to crop back up on Comedy on Vinyl, which is mostly due to popular demand.  Not only is “…Is it Something I Said?” still our most-downloaded episode, but two of my favorite comedic minds specifically said they needed to talk to me about this one.  And I do mean to me, folks, as Live on the Sunset Strip is, sadly, fairly new to me.  But not to my detriment – there are some amazing moments on this album, and it clearly had an impact on this week’s guests – Mike Preister and Jeremy Guskin.

It’s an interesting change of pace for Richard Pryor, if only spurred on by what he took as the necessity to talk about a very public drug problem.  But by 1982, and this album, he’s clearly learned a lot, and his comedy shows it.  Equally mature and child-like (as all of his stories have some innocence peeking through, Live on the Sunset Strip takes is also of a rare breed of film, given the popularity of the concert movie of the same name.  It’s a brilliant piece of work that you need to listen to.  But first, listen to us tell you why.

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Host: Jason Klamm

Producer: Mike Worden

This Week’s Guests: Mike Preister and Jeremy Guskin

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