Episode 4 – Richard Pryor – …Is It Something I Said?

...Is It Something I Said?

This week: three white guys talk about Richard Pryor.  In this episode, we’re joined by the hilarious and talented Mike Preister.  You’ve seen his work on TV for over a decade, and now he’s been kind enough to talk with us about his earliest, biggest comedy influence.  Namely: Richard Pryor’s fourth album, “…Is It Something I Said?”  Raw, character-driven and “profane” (if you believe in such a thing – and for that matter, ignore the stupid parental advisory sticker on this CD cover, the only public image I could use), this album illustrates everything that made Richard Pryor groundbreaking.  Not only did he speak to an untapped audience, but he did it in character. 

Never one to simply spit jokes at the audience, Richard Pryor shows all of the energy and commitment that could have made him a huge box office star.  Though that never quite materialized, this album stands as a clear example of why he has left an indelible mark on the comedy and comedians that came after him.

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Host: Jason Klamm

Guest: Mike Preister

Producer/Contributor: Mike Worden

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