Episode 2 – Bob Newhart – The Button-Down Mind

Button-Down MindEPISODE #2: The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart (1960)

In this episode, Jason Klamm, Dan Gomiller and Mike Worden are joined by writer/podcaster Ari Jarvis to discuss 1960s comedy phenomenon Bob Newhart in his premiere album, “The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart.”

Not so much a rarity, this album still serves as a flashback to the days when the proof was really in the pudding.  Small-time, talented no-name gets a break because he liked to entertain at friends’ parties.  The tapes got passed around, and Bob Newhart flew into our living rooms, sort of like a confused pigeon.  Forty years before Matt and Trey got their break with a hand-traded animated Christmas card, Bob Newhart changed the face of comedy by making it marketable again.  All, ironically enough, by making fun of advertising and marketing on a regular basis.

Host: Jason Klamm

Guests: Dan Gomiller, Ari Jarvis

Producer/Contributor: Mike Worden

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Comedy on Vinyl was recorded at Fort Awesome Studios in beautiful downtown Burbank.  The music played in the background on these non-commercial (see: free) podcasts is used without permission, and is intended to sell more albums, not to endorse Vinyl Piracy.  Follow us on Twitter or at the Facebooks.

The in-between music in this week’s episode is “I Love Me (I’m Wild About Myself)” by Jack Haley, from 1922, as found at Archive.org.  Last week’s was “Wanita (Wanna Eat?  Wanna Eat?) by Allan Cross, also 1922.

Bob Newhart’s Site: BobNewhart.com

Bob Newhart’s misleading (and unverified) Twitter: @bobnewhart

Buy “The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart” on Vinyl: http://www.amazon.com/Button-Down-Mind-Bob-Newhart/dp/B000MU3M62

On CD:  http://www.amazon.com/Button-Down-Mind-Bob-Newhart/dp/B000002MSU

Things/entities/people/items/devices that are mentioned in this podcast:

Marilyn Monroe
Joe DiMaggio
Michael Cera
Scott Bakula / Sam Beckett
Dane somebody

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Jason Klamm


“Why Did I Buy That?” (Ari Jarvis reviews her DVD collection): http://www.wdibt.com/