Episode 184 – The History of Firesign, Part 2, with Phil Proctor


Phil Proctor is back, with the history of the Firesign Theatre!  This time, we’re joined by Firesign archivist Taylor Jessen and Jeremy Guskin to talk about Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him.  It was a good, long conversation, so I cut it into two parts.  There’s also video of the whole conversation, which you can watch below, and find at youtube.com/comedyonvinyl.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guests: Phil Proctor, Taylor Jessen and Jeremy Guskin

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1 thought on “Episode 184 – The History of Firesign, Part 2, with Phil Proctor

  1. For the record, dumb old me asserts at the 48:55 mark in this fine interview that the thing that sounds like backwards masking during the passport scene in “Electrician” was sound effects by Andre Jacquemin. That name of course should have been Jac Holzman. There were 13 volumes in Holzman’s “Authentic Sound Effects” series of LPs, and Volume 9 contains a cut “Airport Terminal Building”, which can be heard playing backwards in the background of the passport scene. In the original SFX cue, a woman announcer says in a clear steady voice “Mr. Holzman, Mr. Jac Holzman, contact the information counter please”, so to prevent it being too distracting, the engineers also fuzzed out her words. So there is indeed backwards masking on “Electrician”! But I’m afraid the only secrets you’re going to learn by splinning the record in reverse is that you’re reeeeeeally late for flight 101. Here’s the original SFX cue: http://footnoteconspiracy.com/datadump/ASF%20-%20Airport%20Terminal%20Building.mp3

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