Episode 182 – Jeff Morris on Bad News



Dr. Demento’s archivist, memory acrobat and comedy lover, Jeff Morris picked a US re-release of an album by the UK “group” Bad News, featuring two members of The Young Ones and two other English comedians in an early-80s rock music parody that paralleled This Is Spinal Tap.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guest: Jeff Morris

Info about Bad News on Vinyl

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2 thoughts on “Episode 182 – Jeff Morris on Bad News

  1. For what it’s worth: It is extremely unlikely that Christopher Guest, Michael McKeon, and Harry Shearer drew any inspiration from Bad News in creating Spinal Tap; the trio first performed as Tap on an ABC-TV pilot called “The TV Show”, originally broadcast on July 24, 1979.

    That said–I enjoyed the podcast and the guest. I related to the concept of keeping track of the order in which he assembled his vinyl collection–I’ve found that by documenting the purchase dates of each CD and DVD that I’ve collected over the years, I’ve created the closest thing to a diary that exists in my life.

    • I agree that it’s definitely unlikely, but I don’t have enough info on the conception of Bad News to say definitively. I love that you sort your stuff that way, too.

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