Episode 14 – Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder – Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks may have made the name he has today with a unique brand of parody, but Young Frankenstein is arguably his masterpiece, and is no doubt the beginning of a brand of pastiche that has informed the work of every great filmmaker of the last four decades.  Self-awareness without having to mug, genuine drama without a sly wink, and real, stone-faced, honest acting make this more than just what Mel Brooks calls a “spoof.” 

As Dan points out in this episode, “Young Frankenstein” is a spiritual sequel to its namesake, and even cursory knowledge of the original “Frankenstein” is enough to get the basics.  That said, it’s still a good, human story, given to us through some of the best slapstick ever put on film.

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Host: Jason Klamm

Producer: Mike Worden

This Week’s Guests: Jennifer SmithDan Gomiller & Ari Jarvis

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