Episode 10 – Live Phil Hartman Tribute with Vicki Lewis, Mike Preister & Jeremy Guskin

He was Troy McClure.  He was Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.  He was Bill McNeil.  Most importantly, he was a brilliant comedic actor, and loved by everyone he worked with.  He also inspired some of us to do what it is we do.  That was reason enough to make our first live episode a tribute to him.

This week we were honored to be joined by Vicki Lewis, whose love for Phil Hartman made this one big, amazing Phil-Hartman-lovefest.  Vicki let us in on who Phil Hartman was – and what he still means – to her as a person and a creative person.  In this episode, Jeremy also reads a wonderful message from Melanie Hutsell, and we speak with Paul Hartmann, Phil’s brother, and Angel Rosenthal, organizer of the “Phil Hartman for the Walk of Fame” movement on Facebook – both of whom kindly sat around for a long time waiting for a call.

Mike, Jason, Vicki Lewis & Jeremy

We also talk about a Poco album called “Legends,” which matters only because Phil Hartman designed the album cover, and it was his favorite piece.  Phil Hartman was a genius and renaissance man, and deserves to be celebrated.  His 63rd birthday would have been next week, so celebrate as you will – watch Houseguest for the millionth time, perhaps.  Or listen to this episode again.  That’s what I’ll be doing.

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Host: Jason Klamm

Producer: Mike Worden

This Week’s Guests: Mike Preister, Jeremy Guskin and Vicki Lewis

Comedy on Vinyl was recorded this week at the Zephyr Theatre.  The samples played in these non-commercial (see: free) podcasts are used without permission, and are intended to sell more albums, (and spread the word of wonderful work) not to endorse Vinyl Piracy.  Follow us on Twitter or at the Facebooks.

Phil Hartman for the Walk of Fame: http://goo.gl/1hIuc

The Lovely Vicki Lewis: http://vickilewis.com/

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Jason Klamm

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