Episode 339 – Andre Jacquemin – The History of Monty Python, Part 1 – Monty Python’s Previous Record

Andre Jacquemin returns in the first part of a series: The History of Monty Python.  You’ve heard me talk with Phil Proctor and Taylor Jessen in a sibling series, The History of The Firesign Theatre, where we discuss just that, from the perspective of the making of each album.  The difference here is that Andre produced all of the Python albums, so while he is an artist himself, his stories are from a remove that less us see the whole picture.  I’m honored he’s agreed to help us start a new oral history.  Just as with the Firesign series, there is video for this, which you can see if you become a patron at bit.ly/covpatreon.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
Guest: Andre Jacquemin

Monty Python’s Previous Record on Vinyl

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