Episode 103 – Matt Gourley on Monty Python – The Final Rip Off

GourleyOne-quarter sketch group, one-quarter country band, 2 quarters comedy enthusiast, Matt Gourley joins us this week to talk about Monty Python’s The Final Rip Off, an important album for both of us.  We talk improv, sketch, and specifically Monty Python’s influence on his work with the amazing podcast/improv-sketch group Superego, which you probably already know comes back September 1st with new episodes and with additional Paul F. Tompkins’s.  I had a blast talking about this great double-album, which, while yet another compilation, might be the ultimate packing-in of the best of Monty Python, in terms of what works as audio-only sketch comedy.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guest: Matt Gourley

The Journeymen

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